What’s Never Normal About Our Artists?

What’s Never Normal About Our Artists?

Our fairs challenge and invite you to take a look at some artwork less ordinary. That&#8217s why we&#8217re other. But we couldn&#8217t be other with no our artists, and this week we&#8217re highlighting 3 London March exhibitors who are definitely pushing the boundaries.

Jack Daly


Images and movie artist Jack Daly makes ‘very silly points that are born from quite serious things’.

If you took a first year psychology student, superglued them to a fresh faced stand up comedian, then you took this new twin glue individual and taught them how to take photographs, then questioned them to go absent and come back with illustrations or photos that represent the points they feel about all working day. That is what Jack does, or at least he thinks&#8230

Preceding jobs have explored the struggles of getting masculine in “The Serious Male Catalogue”, internal mental battles such as a starvation for validation in a fictional hotline “The Validation Clinic” and the experience of not becoming plenty of in “you are not an astronaut&#8221. 

So, what can make your function &#8216Other&#8217?

&#8220Every little thing I make I do for serious, so if I want to travel all-around the United states for a month blocking tourists pics with an ironic road indicator, then that is what I’ll do. If we have to have to get a tattoo accomplished for a principle, then where’s the nearest ink shop. Most of the joy is in system of bringing these principles to everyday living, it is all about the approach (daily life is approach, dying is conclusion consequence really don’t get me started out). It would be easier to digitally produce all the things, but that would be very really tedious.”

Karin Kytokangas


Karin Kytokangas works inside an autonomous artwork exercise with painting, sculpture, and wordplay.

Through boundless experimentation and playfulness, Karin addresses the major universal concerns. The outcome is a comical existential dread wrapped in day to day and concrete imagery. Initially she started as a painter with a pre-adore for the uncanny in real looking imagery this kind of as structures and streets. By way of the many years her practice has been stretching out toward programming, text-based do the job, performances, and sculptures.

Karin is also a section of an artist team named the Association for the Palliative Change, which explores regardless of whether the practice they use in palliative treatment can be utilised the fast-paced art environment. 

So, what can make your practice &#8216Other&#8217?

&#8220My way of residing radically genuine to the point that we do not know every thing and that we can often try a new way. Unfaithfully I go in between distinct approaches of earning, showing, and perceiving art. Also, I do have an affinity for the unidentified, primarily ghosts and giants, which is actually one thing other!”

Thomas MacGregor


Thomas MacGregor&#8217s affiliation with an Edinburgh comedy club in the late nineties permitted him to create a body of iconic portraitures of comedians and a variety of Area faces of the time. He then taught drawing and painting in the Scottish jail services. The combination of these factors and his operate needing to contend with the severe lights of a comedy club contributed to his stark and contrasting design and style. 

In 2007 Thomas held a two-year residency in Cochabamba, Bolivia wherever he was in a position to develop his apply. He created a physique of get the job done about the visible of the soldier. Abstracting and reducing their forms down to flesh and bone.  In some circumstances they have been reduced and cut up into slabs of meat as a hungry pet dog in a Tom and Jerry cartoon could possibly consider their evening meal. It&#8217s a grotesque, nevertheless playful acquire on the absurdity of war.

So, what would make your do the job &#8216Other&#8217?

“I really don’t truly feel comfortable in the mainstream, the fact is that you swim in it and there is some sort of conference in that, or you sink, but you choose your have style and direction”

If that has received you intrigued, guide your tickets to The Other Artwork Good March today.