Website for artists – Content for your art website in 2022

Website for artists – Content for your art website in 2022

Website for artists – Content for your art website in 2022

Content for art website

Are you stuck on making your home page? What do you need for your artist website? It can be anything and everything: your art with your name, like a business card, or a mini online gallery selling art prints and merchandising. Make it simple. Too many design elements can slow the load speed and turn impatient customers away.

What should I put on my art website?

Artwork gallery

Visitors to your website will likely spend the most time browsing through your artwork. Organize your art in series and from newest to oldest. Make sure to add a title and short description such as material, medium, and dimensions.

Artist biography/ Statement

Write about yourself in this section. You can also add an artist resume, a list of exhibitions, publications, and any other highlights in your career.

Contact page

Are you leaving your email and telephone number on the contact page? I recommend using a contact form instead. It helps you protect yourself from spamming and other cyber attacks.

eMailing list

Emailing is a great way to promote your art to potential buyers. Don’t just ask them to leave their emails. Ask for more information, such as: how did they find you, what kind of art they are interested in, what price range they wish to buy, etc.


This section will publish content about your life, upcoming events, and sales. You can also write about other artists who inspire you or have someone else write about you. Not having enough time to write a blog? You can also share your Instagram posts or YouTube videos in this section.

Social media links

Make sure you link all your professional social media on your home page. It helps people follow you and get to know you more. I frequently spot artists who leave some links unmodified. Double-check: are your links to Facebooks’s homepage or your personal account? Make sure you link to your artist profile or page.


Occasionally, you can find a Webstore on an artist’s website. However, some artists are concerned about appearing too commercial. Artists are indeed walking the fine line between “pushing too hard” and “not promoting enough”. Your website is laser-targeting your potential collectors with a purchase interest. Your Webstore facilitates their purchase decision, establishes rapport, and makes sales.