Ukrainian singer and musician Ivan Dorn announced the winners of the “Grant to support new Ukrainian music”.

Ukrainian singer and musician Ivan Dorn announced the winners of the “Grant to support new Ukrainian music”.


Ivan Dorn, whose 10 years-lengthy operate of hits has led him to a prosperous and award-successful job, is participating in in Europe, Central Asia, and the US spreading Ukrainian DNA and home tunes. The singer has often supported the genuine and special skills of Ukraine, aiding them to be listened to by their viewers. Considering that February 24, when Russia attacked Ukraine and improved the actuality of the complete nation, Ivan is now continuing his mission in charity excursions across Europe and the United states of america to raise funds for the humanitarian requirements of Ukraine, he extends his cultural mission through the “Grant to assistance new Ukrainian music” as perfectly.


The “Grant to guidance new Ukrainian music” undertaking is intended to obtain and help the musicians of a new generation that will produce long run Ukrainian culture.

The assortment of 200 musical programs took place in two stages. As a consequence, out of 20 finalists, the jury selected 4 winners, and the 5th winner was picked out by the audience via online voting.

The Jury:

1. dOP (the French digital band)

2. Ivan Dorn (Ukrainian singer and songs producer)

3. The Lazy Jesus (Ukrainian band [O] )

4. Yaroslav Mayak (Ukrainian bands buhnt, TOHKA)

The Winners:

1. Yevhen Pugachev & Anton Kramer. Listen to demo

2. Band “Tsiferblat”. Listen to demo

3. Lucas Hen. Listen to demo

4. Oi FUCK. Hear to demo

5. The Curly (the alternative of the viewers). Hear to demo

“We have transformed in the brutal war fact. We rethought a lot of factors and turned stronger, inspite of all the enemy’s attempts to crack our spirit. With the assistance of Grant, we wished to gather all the freshness from our artists and hear it, hear the presentation, and feel what is at present happening in their hearts and in the studios. And the new musical context appears extremely good now. I am very pleased of every single demo I have heard. But picking out the finalists was not effortless, to be sincere,” reviews Ivan Dorn.

Subsequent, each of the winners will receive 1 grant as a reward, which consists of the subsequent:

• financial portion for the realization of a musical work (40,000 UAH)

• educational element (consultations from foremost figures of the tunes business).

Consultation topics and mentors:

• “Promoting your music in Europe” – dOP (French electronic band dOP)

• “Music output and creativity” – Ivan Dorn (Ukrainian musician, singer)

• “Distribution on streaming services” – Andrii Zaitsev (former system director of Radio Miami, consultant of the French distributor Believe that)

• “Writing and making music” – Yaroslav Mayak (audio producer of the Ukrainian bands bunht, TONKA).

You can familiarize you with the is effective of the finalists and winners on the web-site: