Truth in Nature – Spring

Truth in Nature – Spring


Real truth in Character


Truth in Nature – Spring
Into the Mystic               Oil          36 x 36″              John Hulsey


We started as mineral.

We emerged into plant daily life,

and into the animal state,

and then into remaining human,

and normally we have overlooked our former states,

except in early spring

when we a bit remember becoming inexperienced yet again.


   John is preparing for a key solo exhibition at the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Artwork titled, “Transcendence: Truth of the matter in Nature.” In the training course of creating about the paintings for the exhibition catalog, he walks the reader by way of the four seasons and the inspiration and difficulties they provide to the landscape painter.

   We preferred to share some of his views and paintings about Spring with you this week.

   “Spring is an important time period for my painting outdoor right here. The light is still obvious and penetrates deeply into the forest as it sweeps its reduced angles throughout the landscape. Issues improve immediately as trees reclothe them selves in the brightest greens of the 12 months and the pond starts to transform about, switching its shade palette as it does so. The dense, obscuring greens of summer time have not blocked the architecture of the landscape yet and the air is best for shelling out extensive hrs standing in the woods. Quickly more than enough, that obscuring denseness and the heat of summer will force me back again into the studio. But, for a short time now—sometimes as very little as two weeks—I have a lot more subjects than I can paint. There is often some thing stunning to be observed to paint in just about every season if 1 will get out into some little wild corner of town or place and wander a bit.”

   We would love hearing your ideas about portray in the exceptional light-weight of Spring!

A Path in the Woods, 24 x 24", Oil, © J.M. Hulsey
A Route in the Woods          24 x 24″          Oil          J.M. Hulsey


Transcendence: Truth in Nature by John Hulsey

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