Styrofoam Printing with Kids – ARTBAR

Styrofoam Printing with Kids – ARTBAR

Printmaking is one of the high-quality arts (such as portray, drawing, collage, and sculpture) that consists of earning a “master plate” which you then can use to make multiple images which are printed in reverse. There are so a lot of methods to print, it’s practically limitless! Potato and veggie printing, linoleum printing, mono prints, bubble wrap printing, yarn printing… in essence any object you can come across can be utilized to print with.

Styrofoam Printing with Kids – ARTBAR

Styrofoam printing is truly a person of the easiest strategies to educate printmaking for young ones. We have performed this method lots of situations in artwork class. I will present you pics from two different printmaking ordeals.

Very first I’ll share the 1st time my campers utilized styrofoam, and when we employed neon paints.

kids use styrofoam, tempera paint, and a brayer to make prints

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Materials Needed for Printmaking with Youngsters:

~ Foam items (I bought scratch foam on Amazon and I slice down to 4″ x 6″, but you could just use foam plates from the grocery retail outlet)

~ Pencil for drawing on the foam (which will make the indentations) ~ not also sharp, extra of a uninteresting suggestion

~ Paper slice to a dimensions about an inch bigger all all-around than the plate ( I enjoy utilizing sulphite paper which is a denser form of development paper)

~ Tempera paint (I really like this brand for printing as it is a bit thicker and more opaque), or printmaking ink which is is thick and charming.

~ Brayers or rollers (if you really do not want to buy these, you can just use a foam brush or normal paint brush)

~ Cookie tray or some other tray to roll the paint out onto

~ Paper towel to wipe off paint from the plate in involving prints (we took them to the sink 1st to clean with h2o)

kids use styrofoam, tempera paint, and a brayer to make prints

How to Do Styrofoam Printing with Young ones

1. Very first, have the kids draw one thing on their styrofoam with a dull pencil (like this). My campers in fact had a hard time thinking of what to attract. It was not a standard piece of paper so I assume that they froze a little bit, not confident of what they ended up carrying out. This thought of indenting the detrimental place is abstract. So I explained to them to just make designs at initially. This helped them loosen up. Then, as they figured out what it was all about, they went again to make a lot more.

rolled tempera paint on trayes with a brayer, ready to try some printmaking with kids

2. Next, squirt some paint on to your trays and use the rollers to roll them out in a streak. Allow the young ones try out the rollers (young children loooooove this) and teach them to be thorough when rolling so that the colours never mix. Although, you can certainly just allow the small types investigate the rollers with out a care about mixing hues. In actuality, for little ones underneath four, I think it is ideal to enable them just explore the system fairly than be too concerned about the result (i.e. gray colours). My young ones at camp were ages 4-8 so I was a little bit extra of a purist about color with this team. And there is very little wrong with educating them control often, way too.

kids use styrofoam, tempera paint, and a brayer to make prints

kids use styrofoam, tempera paint, and a brayer to make prints

3. Now it is time to utilize the paint to the plate. We set paper towel down very first for the reason that the rolling can get messy and this permitted us to maintain the tabletop rather cleaner. We shortly figured out that we need to preserve a person area of the desk for rolling, and one more space for printing the paper. The printing spot was held clean up so that the paper stayed clear.

kids use styrofoam, tempera paint, and a brayer to make prints

4. So here’s what it seemed like: They would roll on one particular conclusion of the desk, then they would stroll all-around and just take a piece of paper, lay it down on the clean surface, change the plate over and center it onto the paper. I had them push down on the plate for 30 seconds. The ideal section was lifting the plate and seeing the graphic!

kids use styrofoam, tempera paint, and a brayer to make prints

kids use styrofoam, tempera paint, and a brayer to make prints

5. Plates were being then cleaned with water and dried, and then they would start out the approach all in excess of. Or, a lot more likely, they would want a new plate mainly because they would get a new notion! 1 interesting point to learn is how the image prints in reverse. A couple of the youngsters wrote their names, and exploring that they have been printed backwards was a intellect boggling!

kids use styrofoam, tempera paint, and a brayer to make prints

kids use styrofoam, tempera paint, and a brayer to make prints

As you can notify, I confident took more than enough images right after they have been carried out! I almost didn’t want to give them dwelling.

Yet another time we did Styrofoam Printmaking

Now I will exhibit you a time I did styrofoam printing with my daughter. We also attempted painting instantly on to the styrofoam for a multi-shade print. You can see the full method, from reducing out recycled styrofoam, to making use of a dull pencil to make an indented drawing or design, to rolling the paint (or painting straight on top), to pulling a print!

art supplies on the table, styrofoam, tempera paint, and rollers for printmaking

styrofoam sheets on a table with dull pencils, used to make indents into the styrofoam and then roll with paint and make prints

styrofoam printing plate and tray with rolled paint, ready to make a print

styrofoam printing plate turned over onto paper to make a print

Painted styrofoam, ready to press onto paper and make a print

a table full of prints made from styrofoam printing

You do not have to have to get extravagant materials, so certainly consider this!! Your little ones will be fascinated with their “magic” mirror prints, and older people will like it, too!

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