Shape Castles in Paint, Chalk and Oil Pastel Inspired by Paul Klee and Mary Blair

Shape Castles in Paint, Chalk and Oil Pastel Inspired by Paul Klee and Mary Blair

Not long ago I shared that my learners had been undertaking Shape Stations (or facilities) in the artwork home. I did this just after the good results of both of those our Dot Day and Line Research stations. I’m loving the exploration the young children are in a position to do and the little ones are loving it…for the exact same motives. Not to mention, it is just Fun to check out a entire bunch of new techniques to produce in just a couple of artwork lessons. Here is a seem at our Condition Stations:

And what we did in the course of our Line Review:

And some at the rear of-the-scenes strategies on these stations: at?v=gph8363Nx0w

Below is a appear at the Dot Working day stations that started it all:

And since we did two days really worth of entertaining: out?v=ldwtyZxE4A0

The moment we concluded generating artwork from our line examine (lessons which I have nevertheless to share here!), I ventured into condition. At this time, I am doing form stations with 2-4th only as kindergarten and initial are in the center of other assignments. I do imagine that these form stations would perform for k-1st other than possibly the radial symmetry style. But it truly is always worth throwing the idea out there to see what the youngsters come up with, appropriate?

This is a tiny search at what the back desk in my art home seemed like soon after I started prepping for our shape research. In the beginning we were being likely to do some shape stamps (observed in the upper left hand corner) but just after providing that a run by means of with one class, I made the decision it was way too similar to the sponge stamping. We switched to the bleeding tissue paper styles in the close. 

Now when I am doing the job via these station strategies, I also gotta start considering: what are we gonna do with all of these papers and points we develop? Here’s a small appear at what I have occur up with…

First grade is at this time working on the self portrait in the higher still left hand corner. This is a lesson I have completed quite a few times, you can examine out the lesson right here. As for 2-4th, effectively…I am presently possessing them all do the job on individuals castles! We will all do printing with our stars…and do some embossing as well…but as of correct now, we are all discovering about Mary Blair. This is the video clip I created. out?v=DRo2nUphmEU

The little ones are enjoying functioning with chalk and oil pastel. I’m energized to give them yet another possibility to definitely investigate a wide range of supplies. 

Higher than is my illustration and under is a course of I assume thrid graders examples. I will say this…stations suggests the little ones will typically operate promptly and not always at a slow and ‘careful’ speed. I’m high-quality with that. Even so, I did have a tiny handful of college students afterwards decide the required to redo theirs, realizing it was not their best perform. I allowed that far too. 

So significantly, we’ve gotten the castles chalked in and now we are completely ready for the oil pastel. 

Our backgrounds will be our bleeding tissue paper. Given that winter is coming, we are turning it into a winter season wonderland with snow…and a minor little bit of sparkle on the body. Oh…and PUFFY PAINT. Everyone’s most loved!

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