Oil Painting Ideas – 20 Curated Video Tutorials & Demonstrations

Oil Painting Ideas – 20 Curated Video Tutorials & Demonstrations

We noticed a large raise in individuals having up artwork throughout lockdown and in individual oil painting.  No question encouraged by the dulcet tones of the lockdown tv feeling Bob Ross.  At to start with oil painting can appear to be a little overwhelming with the principles, fumes and thoroughly clean up.  Mixing the ideal inexperienced or skin tone can be hard inspite of the plethora of colors that are out there! Anxiety not, we have curated a set of video clip tutorials for you. We have watched lots of several hours of tutorials and this report is made up of the ones that we think are most helpful, we have split them into groups to assistance you promptly discover what you are hunting for – enjoy!

Color is one of the key basic factors of portray. When mixing hues, it is crucial to take into account the color wheel and the properties of each and every individual pigment to accomplish the sought after influence. To attain a successful color mix you want to get each the right hue and the right brightness value (how darkish or light-weight).

How to combine greens in oil paint – Paul Foxton

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=xhCLJhjvDJE

Mixing greens in oil paint can be accomplished by combining distinct pigments these kinds of as yellow and blue. A vast vary of greens, from amazing, muted greens to warm, vivid greens can be mixed. Even so, the exact shades and tones of eco-friendly will count on the specific pigments utilized and their relative ratios. This rapid tutorial has some fantastic tips on mixing greens utilizing some stunning colours.

Components Employed

The Anders Zorn palette – Andrew Judd

A very good way to study color mixing is to simplify your palette like Swedish painter Anders Zorn.

The Zorn Palette is a restricted palette of only four colors, named immediately after the Swedish painter Anders Zorn. He used these colours to produce a extensive variety of hues and shades, the colours in the palette are decided on for their versatility and capability to blend perfectly with every single other, and are often primarily based on conventional oil portray colours. Usually the Zorn palette consisted of Yellow Ochre, Ivory Black, Vermilion and Flake White. In modern periods, Titanium White is now substituted for Flake White which is now commonly unavailable and some artists choose to use Cadmium Purple as a substitute for a lot more highly-priced Vermilion.

Suggested Different for Products Employed

Demonstrating flesh tones using Michael Harding Sequence 1-3 oil colours – Vicki Norman

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=_qzpcjrI9lI

Mixing pores and skin tones in oil paint can be a complicated task for artists as it demands a very good knowledge of colour idea and the houses of diverse pigments. It’s also significant to don’t forget that pores and skin tones can range enormously based on components this sort of as lights, ethnicity, and age, so it is essential to regularly examine the colour of the paint with the reference and make changes accordingly. This quick video tutorial shows how to combine some great pores and skin tones with the more cost-effective close of Michael Harding’s oil paint assortment.

Elements Applied

  • Michael Harding Artists Oil Paint – Titanium White 2, Yellow Ochre Deep, Scarlet Lake, Neutral Grey, Lemon Yellow, Excellent Pink, Eco-friendly Gold, Warm White (Lead white alternate), Warm Light Yellow, Venetian Pink, Unbleached Titanium Dioxide, Naples Yellow, French Yellow Ochre, Italian Brown Ochre, Zinc White, Permanent Environmentally friendly Light, Clear Brown Oxide, Ultramarine Blue.

How to Match Any Colour with Oil Paint – Draw Blend Paint

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=TNB3XY67Q-I

Matching colors in oil paint can be a tough task, but there are a handful of tactics that can be used to achieve exact coloration matches. This movie exhibits a easy system for acquiring any wished-for color by working with only 5 foundation colors and adjusting the price of the blend.

Proposed Option for Supplies Utilized

Painting portraits or figures in oils can consider a great deal of time and exercise to grasp. It’s significant to analyze the anatomy, and the way mild interacts with the body, and to practice drawing and painting from lifetime or from images. I experienced a very long bus journey to art college and so I retained myself hectic drawing my fellow travelers’ portraits in my very little sketchbook. It is crucial to just take your time and to be client with the portray approach.

How to PAINT a PORTRAIT in OILS in A person Sitting down! Alla Prima Painting Procedures – Andrew Tischler


“Alla Prima” is a phrase utilised in oil portray to explain a painting procedure in which the overall portray is concluded in a single sitting, devoid of the need to have for many layers or touch-ups. The expression “alla prima” is Italian for “at first” or “at the initially attempt”, and the strategy is characterised by the use of soaked-on-damp paint application, where by every single layer of paint is used to the preceding layer when it is nevertheless soaked. This will allow for the paint to mix and blend jointly, making a extra unified and harmonious portray.

The alla prima strategy is extra suitable for paintings that demand a speedy and spontaneous method, such as landscapes, portraits, even now lifes, and many others. This movie is a 10 minute summary of a 3 hour portrait portray session. It starts off by mapping out the significant styles and then adding additional element by altering tones to sculpt facial functions.

Suggested Choice for Elements Applied

  • Michael Harding Artists Oil Paint – Magenta, Burnt Umber, Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Titanium White, Warm Direct White Different, Clear Oxide Yellow, Crimson Lake, Cobalt Teal, Cadmium Lemon Yellow, Phthalo Turquoise
  • Liquin Primary
  • Linen Canvas

Portrait Painting Broken Down – Paint Coach


Portray a portrait from a photograph. Helpful tips about being familiar with the anatomy of the facial area to accomplish sensible effects.

Supplies Used

Oil Portray Ideas The Intellect of an Artist #4 – Alpay Efe


A additional present-day portrait is painted in this online video and there are some useful suggestions on mixing skin tones.

Advised Alternative for Elements Utilized

Figure Portray Tutorial Expressive & Straightforward – Yupari Artist

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=hIAACcIcIKU

Guidelines on producing a figurative portray in oils. This tutorial starts off with sketching the fundamental designs and proportions of the figure, creating the value composition, blocking in the colours and then refining and introducing in information.

Components Utilized

Oils are a remarkably adaptable medium that let for a large assortment of procedures and effects, from delicate glazes to thick impasto. This helps make them perfectly-suited for capturing the nuanced colors and textures of a landscape. In this area I have integrated some tutorials to get you started with some swift oil sketches and much more detailed paintings created in layers.

3 Rapidly landscapes & some oil portray ideas – Stuart Davies

A fantastic one for newbies in landscapes. Stuart produces 3 oil painting sketches so you can system a composition for a more substantial portray. Simple and brief!

Major Ideas for Free Portray


Not only does this real time demonstration consider you by way of the procedure of painting this lovely unfastened landscape, but artist Chelsea Lang also talks as a result of her leading suggestions on how to reach this loose portray style in your art.

The a person move that makes OIL Portray landscapes so considerably Less complicated – Paint Coach

Learn why it is so critical to get started your paintings with a good foundation. Functioning out tonal values and blocking out colours prior to you start out the principal painting.

Materials Used

I have break up this area out from landscapes as it’s a subject that I am frequently questioned about, Painting skies in oils can be done making use of a handful of various tactics, dependent on the sought after impact. This portion involves how to paint a realistic blue sky, and also how to recreate unique clouds. It is significant to remember that skies are generally shifting, so you could require to make some changes as you paint, and to look at the total composition and hues of the painting to make guaranteed the sky fits with the total scene.

Oil portray fundamentals for novices blue sky – Paint Coach

Some fantastic recommendations for rookies on how to paint a simple blue sky.

Elements Made use of

Painting clouds applying dry brush method – Janhendrik Dolsma

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=ohYt25udLN4

How to paint whispy white clouds conveniently with out thinning your paint.

Supplies Made use of

How I paint glowing clouds – Alpay Efe

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=8Eo3EDolNGA

Inspirational video demonstrating how colourful clouds are produced.

Resources Employed

How to paint a stormy cloudy sky in oil – Tim Gagnon


Prime suggestions on painting a extraordinary sky, working with brushstrokes to build motion and the way of the clouds.

Resources Used

Oil paints are known for their means to develop loaded, vivid hues. This can be primarily beneficial when portray flowers and other botanical topics, as the hues can be pretty hanging and eye-catching. The slower drying time also allows the artist a lot more time to perform on the painting and make changes. This can be especially useful when portray specific botanical topics, as it allows for far more precision and manage.

How To Floral Oil Portray Genuine Time Demo Drinking water-Mixable Oil Paint – Katie Jobling


So you have painted some bouquets but not guaranteed how to flip it into a concluded portray – this video will assist you link your flowers with each other into a cohesive composition.

Materials Made use of

This is How I Make Paintings glimpse Present day & Fresh new! – Alpay Efe

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=-Ap8Y12Y5S0

For those people who may assume floral paintings can appear outdated fashioned. Observe this video clip to see how you can make your floral paintings seem modern day and refreshing!

Resources Utilised

Nevertheless everyday living paintings are a form of art that depict inanimate objects, such as flowers, fruit, publications, vases, and other house merchandise, arranged in a distinct composition. The objects are generally organized on a table or other surface area, and are usually lit by a one mild resource to produce a feeling of depth and realism.

Nonetheless everyday living portray can be done in several mediums, oil getting just one of the most popular as it is an opportunity to exercise and increase painting expertise. Honing methods in rendering form, color, and composition and playing with lighting and shadows to produce a feeling of depth and realism.

Oil Portray Basic principles Tutorial For Inexperienced persons Reasonable Cherries – Lenya Danya