Loving Work | Jeremy Randall | Episode 889

Loving Work | Jeremy Randall | Episode 889

Jeremy Randall | Episode 172

Jeremy Randall


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Jeremy Randall Ceramics was officially started in 2009, with energy placed on making, showing, and selling work nationally and internationally.  Retail shows in the New England area have been a new venture with pleasant results, and being able to have personal interactions with my audience has been wonderful. Thank you for visiting, and hope to see you at a show or out in the ceramic world in the future.

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Do you think creativity involves putting your heart and soul into your work or is it more like letting your mind flow freely? 

I think it’s a combo. I think your heart and soul is definitely there for the creative act but there should be room for intuition as well. Sometimes when we look at creativity as success or failure the things that work well are the things we come away with as the “meat” and we often don’t spend enough time looking at the things that don’t work.

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How has having children (responsibilities) turned into a motivation to be a productive potter?

There’s definitely the fact that there is more than just me now. There are others that are relying on me. It focuses on my attention when I am working, because I also don’t want to be absent and allowing the studio to take over.

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What are you passing on to your children right now?

I grew up in a house where my parents were artists. They supported creativity. They supported risk taking and I definitely learned from that. Some of the greatest joys are having my kids in the studio with me and letting them kind of do their thing and make stuff. To be able to see the things they make become realized in an object that they can use, man that spark is outstanding.

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Do you ever get discouraged running a business?

All the time. There are always things that can be discouraging, you have a bad show and  you start to second guess yourself.

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What was your most recent discouragement?

Tax time. You realize you work really freaking hard and there is not a whole lot of return on a monetary basis. Then you have to stop and say to yourself, Where does the return end up? So I think I try and not to be discouraged or I try and look at that discouragement in a way that I can also see the benefit.

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If you could start all over again would you choose a different path?

I go to work happy right now. When I go to teach or a go to the studio to make, I go 100 percent in it. There are times when I drag myself to the studio with a cup of coffee and would have liked a couple more hours of sleep, but I don’t go to an office and sit at a desk. I don’t have a five day work week. Some days my work week is 6 days and some weeks it’s 3 days. The things that I’m doing are the things that I love to do.

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