Isn’t Email Marketing Just Sending Newsletters?

Isn’t Email Marketing Just Sending Newsletters?

This post is by Clint Watson, former art gallery proprietor and founder of BoldBrush, recognised for FASO Artist Web-sites, the main service provider of professional artist sites, the $38,000+ BoldBrush  Art Contest & Show and the absolutely free everyday art marketing and advertising publication, FineArtViews. As a self-proclaimed “artwork fanatic”, Clint delights that BoldBrush’s downtown San Antonio, Texas place of work is comprehensive of authentic art You can hook up with Clint on TwitterFacebook or his individual blog at




Even though I am a massive proponent of electronic mail advertising for artists, I have started out shying absent from making use of the time period “electronic mail newsletters” since of the connotation that “composing a e-newsletter” conjures in quite a few people’s minds.



Embrace the Medium


Anytime a new conversation medium seems, it is all-natural for men and women to simply transfer what’s doing the job in a preceding medium to the new medium.


The to start with television ads were truly just radio advertisements repurposed for Tv. The radio ad (optimized for voice) performed although the perspective stared at a static impression. The first tv advert was by the Bulova look at business in 1941. And, certainly, they simply just took the voice-above from a single of their radio advertisements, and shown a image of a watch, and properly, that was the total ad. Certainly they were not (however) embracing television for it is possess special strengths.


What they hadn’t accomplished, what no person had finished, was to understand that television was a brand name new medium with wholly diverse strengths.


Distinction that early Bulova Television set advertisement to a modern Apple advertisement. The modern advertisements embrace all the toughness of the medium. They concentrate on rapidly-transferring visuals that evoke emotion, and often have minimal or no voice about. We noticed a very similar circumstance in the early times of video ads on Fb. Numerous businesses simply posted their television adverts to Facebook. But Fb video clips have substantially fewer attention and require to be powerful, will need to be produced in different ways from regular Television set ads.


The position is that for each medium and each channel, you have to embrace that medium and design and style your internet marketing to do the job natively with the system.



Embrace Electronic mail, Natively


E mail promoting goes much outside of sending “newsletters.” A “newsletter” is a thing that was printed on paper that we despatched in the pre-internet period.


Prior to email, numerous businesses and artists created print newsletters. In a print newsletter, it will make sense to preserve up a ton of news, and then develop one thing regular monthly or quarterly that shares all of that information at when. At my gallery, for case in point, we normally sent printed newsletters that experienced a dozen or so “stories” about impending reveals, news about artists, or recommendations and tricks on gathering and hanging your artwork. That produced feeling in a medium that necessary highly-priced printing and mailing through snail mail. It also built sense in a earth just before smartphones. A earth exactly where folks ended up accustomed to sitting and studying a newspaper.


Many early makes an attempt at email “newsletters” mimicked this earlier era and individuals merely ported their printed newsletters to the new e-mail medium. The worst types only hooked up a pdf of their e-newsletter. But, even the finest ones had much much too much articles for a single email.


Even the early editions of FineArtViews were built this way, right up until I incredibly rapidly recognized that:


1. Creating e-mail newsletters this way was quite hard and took considerably far too substantially function

2. Sending an electronic mail with dozens of subject areas overcome men and women and they commonly deleted them.



Basically porting a print newsletter email is as much a mistake as basically porting a radio advertisement to Television. We, like anyone else, rapidly figured out how to do the job with the medium of e-mail properly.


With e mail, people’s attention spans are substantially shorter than with print. Subscribers have a tendency to scan as a substitute of looking at in depth (with exceptions). You have to intrigue your reader considerably much more rapidly. As opposed to a printed e-newsletter, which might dangle all-around on the espresso table for times or weeks, an e-mail may well rapidly be despatched to the electronic trash bin.


So, you should adapt your system to the medium. That usually means becoming far more focused. That usually means obtaining quickly to the issue. Make each email about a single, and only one particular topic (following all, you can mail an additional a single tomorrow, or next 7 days, which we couldn’t affordably do with printed newsletters). If you want the reader to do a thing, make it extremely very clear what you would like them to do. It often means focusing on only a tiny subset of your electronic mail list (if you are advertising and marketing a workshop, only ship it to the “artist” phase of your record).


In addition, because e-mail is so low cost to send out, folks can subscribe to a series of email messages, regarded as autoresponders. We failed to have a way to do this in the print world, and it truly is one more excellent case in point of working with the email platform natively. We’ll cover autoresponders in a afterwards short article.


When you embrace the medium, your promoting will use the electronic mail medium natively, personally and to its best benefit.


Good e mail marketing and advertising is refined, specific, personalized, pertinent and pretty various from only sending a “newsletter.”


What strategies have worked for you in advertising your artwork, displays or workshops by means of email?  





Clint Watson

BoldBrush/FASO Founder & Artwork Fanatic




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