In Conversation With Anne-Sylvie Godeau of Lutea

In Conversation With Anne-Sylvie Godeau of Lutea

In Conversation With Anne-Sylvie Godeau of Lutea

Lutea make hand crafted, qualified quality artist pigments and all-natural watercolours derived from natural substances. In this movie, Anne-Sylvie Godeau discusses the centuries-outdated methods that she utilizes to extract her colours, and how portray with historic pigments holds its possess unique enchantment. out?v=KrVoHWBVrqM



:00 Introduction

02:23 Where by does the title Lutea appear from?

03:01 Can you explain your system?

04:20 How do you make diverse shades of color, and what is extraction?

05:56 How do you make a colour?

08:00 What is the historical past of lake pigments?

09:31 What is indigo?

15:00 What variety of factors do you just take into account when making lake pigments?

17:47 What is the most complicated portion of your process?

18:26 Why is it essential to take into account where by your raw products come from?

20:31 Does the local climate have an impact on the excellent of the pigments you can extract from vegetation?

21:59 Are watercolours built with lake pigments lightfast?

23:57 what are the most challenging colours to make?

25:16 You are very clear about your system. Is it significant to share your craft?

27:06 Exactly where did your enthusiasm for pigments begin?

28:09 Has learning up to date art been helpful for your present route?

30:10 How do you guarantee the pigment-building system is environmentally sustainable?

32:10 When did you get started to make your assortment of watercolour paints?

34:01 Can you use your watercolours along with these made with synthetic pigments?

37:11 What does the potential maintain for Lutea?

42:03 Credits


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