Fuck Picasso? | Carter Art

Fuck Picasso? | Carter Art

In the movie, “Pollock”, starring Ed Harris, there is a poignant scene with a stumbling drunk JP crying out, “Fuck Picasso”. I enjoy that element and as an artist myself and a excellent admirer of Picasso I could really feel the annoyance and anguish of the dominance and genius of Picasso as one searches for an first voice that is not by-product of Picasso.

I like the dynamic and lyricism of this function and its color combos. It clings to or is held again by figuration It is a turning place in his get the job done, we can detect the derivative elements of Picasso but also a glimpse of the Genius of Pollack to come. If this was the pinnacle of his function, JP may continue to have had a standing in the art planet but with his later on breakthrough, it secured his rightful recognition and situation in the artwork environment.

Later he became trapped yet again as he struggled with how to even more create and establish on his achievements without the need of becoming by-product of his individual do the job trapped in a useless conclusion, no pun meant. His tragic and well timed demise and the unfortunate demise of Ruth Kligman who also died in the auto incident finished his considerations.

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