From Cameroon to Nigeria | Nathalie Djakou Kassi | Episode 874

From Cameroon to Nigeria | Nathalie Djakou Kassi | Episode 874

Nathalie Djakou Kassi | Episode 874

Nathalie Djakou Kassi is a Cameroonian ceramicist training above 30decades with a number of group exhibitions in and out of Africa. Nathalie has been dwelling in Nigeria considering the fact that 2015. Nathalie is impressed by almost everything that appeals to her consideration and her functions are extra on carving with diverse matters


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How does consistency develop a measuring stick for you to compare your outdated work to your new work?

When individuals praise you or like your get the job done, like me, when I woke up in the early morning I want to innovate, I currently have this get the job done so me I want to go on to innovate. It’s also surviving, not only fiscal but for the career also to survive so that the young kinds will be good, you know.  I appear from a region exactly where lots of ceramists have that dilemma of believing in ceramics. My purpose is to lead, to be innovative, inventive, so that the doorway is open for the kinds coming.

Does getting the accountability of figuring out that you have to submit, does that travel you to be a lot more creative also?

Certainly. You know people today get bored incredibly fast on social media. Individuals swipe very quick on social media so my objective is also for folks to halt at the very least a several seconds and see what I write-up. There are so many factors to see on social media if you don’t write-up anything that hold the eyes of somebody for five seconds no person will detect you posting your function. So I do every thing, I check out my most effective to continue to be impressive and creative.

Do you feel that becoming regular has assisted you construct your name?

Unconsciously, most likely. I think. You know also mainly because I get bored doing the identical point. Like this mask decoration you see, people today believe it is the only just one I have. No, I have several of that design, so considerably. But since of the desire I am seeking now to place those masks in distinctive designs. I are unable to stop those people carvings for the reason that people they like it so substantially. I have to locate a way to keep that carving but in numerous unique will work.

Why is it vital to say pertinent?

You know, if not, you will die. (laughter) They will not simply call you, they are bored, they are weary to see what you are doing. It is not beautiful once again. It is correct that I like challenging myself 1st. I like demonstrating new factors.

Does displaying up every working day assist create greater fascination in you do the job?

I informed myself each a few or 4 times. I bear in mind when I invested a extended time and did not post. I have a sensation if you are not publishing they will eliminate your web page from your followers. Persons that I stick to, since they don’t publish I have not noticed them all over again. So even if they write-up once again I will not see it. It is also to continue to keep my website page lively. It is also my primary income, my primary earnings is producing on this account. I promote factors via my inbox. every time I publish they check with me what I have available.

Do you have a everyday follow that you have in position?

Certainly, that day by day exercise is in my feeding  simply because you know when you are system is not feeling very well you can not believe straight, you are unable to even produce so in the morning I have a ritual. I like having warm h2o, often with citrus, lime, I take in a whole lot of fruit. I am telling you like another person is addicted to cocaine I am addicted to fruit. I are unable to remain in my residence without acquiring fruit, banana, apple, orange, tangerine. If I really don’t have fruit that is in time I will have at the very least have my warm water with ginger or apple cider vinegar or lime or kombucha.


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