Faith Ringgold: Black is beautiful

Faith Ringgold: Black is beautiful

Faith Ringgold: Black is beautiful

Religion RINGGOLD: Black is wonderful
January 31 by way of July 2, 2023
Musée Picasso Paris
5 Rue de Thorigny
75003 Paris, France

The Picasso Museum offers Faith Ringgold’s Black is wonderful, her initial detailed solo exhibition in Paris. An extension of her new retrospective at the New Museum in New York, Ringgold’s show in Paris will also incorporate operates from her ‘French Collection’, that choose inspiration from the early 20th century Parisian artwork scene and artists these as Picasso.

Faith Ringgold: Black is beautiful
The French Selection #7: In Picasso’s Studio, 1991
Picture courtesy of artist and aca galleries

Faith Ringgold is a big determine in American feminist artwork, from the civil rights struggles to individuals of Black Life Matter, and the creator of some very famed functions in children’s literature. Her perform back links the prosperous heritage of the Harlem Renaissance to the current artwork of young black American artists.

Faith Ringgold: Black is beautiful
Faith Ringgold: Black is wonderful

By way of her rereadings of fashionable art record, she engages in a legitimate plastic and critical dialogue with the Parisian artwork scene of the early 20th century, particularly with Picasso and his “Demoiselles d’Avignon”. This exhibition is the very first to provide alongside one another, in France, a team of important operates by Religion Ringgold. It extends the retrospective devoted to her by the New Museum in early 2022 and is arranged in collaboration with this New York institution.

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