Do the Opposite with Your Blog and Newsletter

Do the Opposite with Your Blog and Newsletter

Here’s the epiphany that I had this week: A lot of artists are already publishing these small bits of information…on their blogs…where nobody ever sees it.


They just publish it out into the ether because they heard, somewhere that “you need a blog”, and they hope that it magically attracts a following. No wonder most artist blogs fail.


While it’s OK to occasionally publish some short updates on a blog, that’s not what builds a blog following. Building a blog the right way, takes a big commitment. A commitment to produce well-written, engaging, and compelling content on a regular basis, and a commitment to engage with your audience.


In short, it’s a commitment to hard work. To reap the benefits of a blog, you need well-written, well-edited, long form content that attracts people. You need to be telling an arching story about your journey that people want to follow.


It’s even better if the story is connected to some bigger idea that people can get behind. Yes, one of the benefits of blogs can be attracting new fans from search engine traffic…but only if you have the right kind of content.


And the “right” kind of content, generally, means something much more compelling than exhibit announcements and photos of works in progress.


So here’s my Seinfeldian revelation: