Chasing the Light | The Art of Pat Shopbell

Chasing the Light | The Art of Pat Shopbell

Chasing the Light | The Art of Pat Shopbell

For artist Pat “PJ” Shopbell, making artwork is like trying to capture a firefly in a jar. Making an attempt to capture the ”spark” of a fleeting moment can be hard but also exceptionally exciting and gratifying. Through cautious composition, her viewers are led into and as a result of her paintings, though light-weight and shade impart a feeling of temper and ambiance. Building paintings that strike an psychological chord with her viewers is Shopbell’s best goal.

Shopbell’s paintings element prominently the cowboy region of the inland Northwest and the intoxicating elegance of Hawaii – both of which have an emotional link to her life. In her artwork, she captures the light and magic of these vastly distinctive spots in attractive and dynamic methods.

Shopbell was born and lifted in Seattle, Washington, and has generally liked producing artwork. Her childhood fascination with horses and the ocean would shape her existence and artwork job. She bought her 1st horse at age 10 and was a certified scuba diver by the time she was 12. Shopbell’s parents took her to Hawaii many instances when she was growing up, and she fell in love with the islands. Minimal did she know she would stop up dwelling there 50 years afterwards.

Laupahoehoe Issue Triptych | oil on canvas | 36″ x 72″ | $9500

Artwork has been an integral aspect of Shopbell’s life. She arrives from a lengthy line of gifted artists. Her father was an very gifted craftsman, and her mom an accomplished painter. Producing attractive points has constantly been just a component of everyday lifestyle for Shopbell.

Shopbell has worked in many mediums above the years, such as glass, stone, wood, bronze, watercolor, oils, and leather-based. Early in her job, she apprenticed at a popular stained glass studio, wherever she designed and built first parts and replicated painted panels for ruined cathedral windows. She went on to start off her have stained glass firm, building a person-of-a-sort art glass installations for large-stop residences, corporations, and custom made sailboats.

Sisters | oil on canvas | 30″ x 20″ | $2250

All through this time, Shopbell was also painting watercolors and creating bronze sculptures. At 20, she married her high faculty sweetheart and bought a farm the place they lifted hay, cattle, and horses. She also had two small children and adopted two extra. This demanding lifestyle left minor time for painting, but she managed to sneak a number of in when she found the time.

Shopbell commenced making hand-carved Western saddles and wonderful-braided cowboy horse gear as a normal extension of her like of horses and artwork. For 30+ years, she designed these custom made saddles for some of the country’s top riders and horse trainers. Each was a one of a kind get the job done of artwork, bas-aid sculptures of leather and silver.

Childhood Reflections | oil on panel | 12″ x 9″ | $500

Finally, in retirement, Shopbell and her spouse offered their farm and moved to the rural windward facet of the Large Island of Hawaii. Now, they reside in a bamboo property on the aspect of a hill overlooking the Pacific, where by Shopbell has her studio.

Shopbell’s approach is consistently evolving, and she thinks that artists under no circumstances seriously “arrive.” Everyday living and art are about studying and experimenting the good thing is, you can study as significantly from a failed endeavor as from results. With a lot demo and mistake, Shopbell has examined and tried using to emulate the methods of individuals whose artwork she admires. Attempting to determine out the “how” and “why” of terrific will work of art is the recreation, and every single portray is a puzzle to be solved, piece by piece.

Rancher’s Gold | oil on canvas | 24″ x 30″ | $2700


Shopbell’s artwork is special mainly because of her focus on gentle and shadow. She normally paints many layers of glazes to give her paintings depth and richness. Her notice to element and use of mild and shadow generates a one of a kind and dramatic outcome in her paintings.

The artist in her studio, Laupahoehoe, Hawaii.

Shopbell not too long ago completed a triptych painting of Laupahoehoe Issue. The challenge was her very first massive-scale get the job done, measuring 36″x 72″. She identified the job to be both of those exciting and hard and loved the practical experience of operating on a significant canvas. She is on the lookout forward to portray additional massive-scale jobs in the upcoming.

“Art is a language that all men and women communicate,” suggests Shopbell. “It is profoundly human. It transcends the barriers of time and length, race and culture, instruction and position.”

Shopbell feels her mission as an artist is to invite folks into her artwork to discover and be a part of in the story. She hopes her artwork will provide joy and spark the creativity. Shopbell aspires to seize even a very small glimmer of the infinite marvel of God’s development in her art.

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