Branding is the Only Power Artists Have

Branding is the Only Power Artists Have

Branding is the Only Power Artists Have

This post is by Clint Watson, former artwork gallery proprietor and founder of BoldBrush, known for FASO Artist Web-sites, the main company of qualified artist web-sites, the $38,000+ BoldBrush Painting Competition and the free day-to-day art promoting newsletter, FineArtViews. As a self-proclaimed “artwork fanatic”, Clint delights that BoldBrush’s San Antonio, Texas office environment is complete of initial artwork, as is his household workplace. You can connect with Clint on TwitterFacebook or his own site at




Branding is the only electricity artists have.


I’m making use of the expression “electric power” narrowly here as described in the book 7 Powers: The Foundations of Organization Tactic by Hamilton Helmer.


Electrical power


In company strategy, “energy” is outlined as this:  the set of ailments generating the likely for persistent differential returns.


In plain English that implies:  You can charge far more revenue than your rivals simply because you possess a electrical power that they do not.


The book defines various powers such as economies of scale, counter-positioning, switching expenses, and procedure electric power.


But as I read the guide, I understood that the only one particular of the 7 powers accessible to artists is branding.





Branding, in the feeling of being a ability, is defined significantly additional narrowly than the way most advertising men and women use the term.  


Branding as a power exists simply because you’ve designed three conditions all-around your brand:


1.  The designed-up associations with the model elicit superior thoughts about the providing, distinctive from the goal price of the superior. 

2.  Uncertainty reduction. A consumer attains “peace of mind” being aware of that the branded product or service will be as just as predicted.

3.  Ailments 1 and 2 allow for you to cost a huge price quality around rivals.  (With no this you have no energy)


Helmer statements that these three disorders can only be created by delivering a dependable and incredibly higher-top quality merchandise more than a long period of time.  Normally a time period of time spanning decades or, far more probable, a long time.


When a firm has invested many years creating their model, the electric power arrives precisely from ailment #3:  the the means of a branded product or service to cost a huge top quality cost about what competition are ready to charge.


Additionally, only specified types of merchandise can profit from the energy of branding.  Branded power tends to accrue only to luxurious goods and additional, only to products that are hugely linked with one’s id.  Merchandise like significant conclusion clothing, watches, wines.


The illustration cited in the guide is Tiffany.  Tiffany can charge almost double the selling price for the same diamond ring you can acquire at Costco.  This quality selling price can be charged due to the promise powering the effective Tiffany brand.  And it really is taken decades for Tiffany to construct that brand name (they begun in the 1800s).


To illustrate the variation among internet marketing “branding” and “Electricity Branding” look at this:  Coca-Cola’s ability would not arrive from “branding” for the reason that, though Coca-Cola could be the world’s most very well-known “brand name”, you won’t pay out a big high quality for Coca-Cola around Pepsi or other colas.  In short, you wouldn’t fork out $50 for a can of coke.  (Coke’s electrical power stems additional from its strong distribution community).



Establishing Brand Ability as an Artist


This is where issues get fascinating for us:  Despite the fact that the creator does not mention it in the e book,  his description of the form of goods that can be powerfully branded reads like a list of  characteristics associated with primary artwork.


Let’s go back again via the attributes of a item that can build brand name electric power:


1.  High finish good

Initial art, especially by nicely-recognized, “powerfully branded” artists is high-priced.


2.  Associated carefully with identification

Art prospective buyers affiliate carefully with the art they buy and the artists whom they order from.  In their social circles, artwork prospective buyers are typically acknowledged as “the art human being.”  Artwork associates with identity maybe even far more than watches, wine or Louis-Vuitton luggage.


3.  Top quality Assurance/Uncertainty reduction

If I invest in a David Leffel painting, I have no concern about the good quality I will be obtaining.  Newer artists haven’t established that reputation however.


4.  Decades to many years build the brand

Again, I have good inner thoughts connected with the “David Leffel” model.  It can be taken him virtually a life span to create that.  It can take many years – even decades.



I remember operating with a youthful artist, whom I get in touch with Sarah (fictitious identify).  Sarah had researched with David Leffel.  Sarah’s paintings were superb.  In quite a few methods, I appreciated some features of her get the job done even improved than Leffel’s.  Nonetheless, Sarah’s work sold in the assortment of $3,000 – $7,000 every single.  Leffel’s will work offered in the assortment of $30,000 – $90,000 each and every.


That’s practically a 10X selling price premium for a Leffel.  Which is electricity.


That’s the electric power of branding.  And that’s  the only power  you, as an artist, have available.


The excellent news is that it truly is not difficult:  Maintain painting persistently, only provide paintings of the extremely highest quality, ensure that all interactions with prospects are optimistic and elicit “fantastic inner thoughts about the giving.” (stop submitting politics on Facebook!)   Do this consistently about a period of time of a long time and many years and the power will slowly and gradually but surely accrue.


Until next time, please bear in mind that Fortune Favors the Daring Brush.




Clint Watson

BoldBrush/FASO Founder & Artwork Fanatic




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