All About Chinese Girl. The Green Lady by Vladimir Tretchikoff

All About Chinese Girl. The Green Lady by Vladimir Tretchikoff

Title of Artwork: “Chinese Female. The Environmentally friendly Lady”

Artwork by Vladimir Tretchikoff

12 months Established 1952

Summary of Chinese Lady. The Green Lady

Vladimir Tretchikoff’s 1952 portray, Chinese Woman (also acknowledged as The Green Woman), is a nicely-recognised do the job of artwork. Prints of the art created in the next yrs ended up amongst the most popular of the twentieth century. As a end result of the distinctive skin tone utilised for her face—a blue-eco-friendly colour—the artwork has been dubbed “The Eco-friendly Girl” by many.

Nevertheless, despite Tretchikoff’s allegation that the original artwork was ruined in Cape City, students have located no evidence to aid this assert.

All About Chinese Girl. The Green Woman

At Bonhams auction property in London, the unique was bought for £982,050 on March 20, 2013. British jeweller Laurence Graff ordered it. General public show began at Delaire Graff Estate close to Stellenbosch on November 30 of the very same yr.

This and other Tretchikoff portraits of the design Monika Sing-Lee appear in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1972 thriller Frenzy. Also, Chumbawamba employed it as the front address for their 1990s album Slap!

Monika Sing-Lee, who was then 20 several years aged and of European origin, was the victim of this attack. As Pon-Su-San, she was introduced to Tretchikoff by Masha Arsenyeva, a Russian dancer, whilst operating in her uncle’s launderette in Cape Town. A South African person named Pon-Su-San died on June 14, 2017.

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