A Word on Acrylics from Patti Mollica

A Word on Acrylics from Patti Mollica

by Patti Mollica

Acrylics are my go-to paint. I didn’t specifically program it that way. As a student, the portray classes I took had been regular and oils only. Back then, we had a good deal of time to paint the model, who kept the exact same pose in excess of the system of three sound weeks. That is university student life. Lifestyle modifications even though, and that condition no for a longer period suited mine. I moved to New York Metropolis in 1992 and was thrust into the quickly-paced electricity of town daily life and perform in promoting layout. Frantic, insane deadlines, in no way sufficient time—rush rush hurry.

I experienced to squeeze in my artwork where ever I could eke out a couple minutes—sketching persons even though riding the subway, capturing the hustle and bustle of commuters at Grand Central Station, building paintings from a concrete sidewalk “seat” or standing in the center of Fifth Avenue at hurry hour, obstructing the stampede of harried pedestrians. Expressing the city’s dynamic electrical power grew to become the concentrate of my artistic ambition.

For this, acrylic was the excellent medium—to get it down quickly—and go on. I fell in really like with the rapid drying time, which lets for inventive spontaneity, crisp mark-building, shifting direction midstream, quick overpainting, limitless impatient layering, bold patches of shade and gestural brushwork—in essence, pace-induced painting approaches.

While I left an promotion job to develop and instruct artwork, my desire for acrylics is continue to intact. I get pleasure from and experiment in all media—oils, pastels, gouache and watercolor. Each and every has it’s possess one of a kind individuality, but—for the reasons by now mentioned—acrylics provide out the playful, expressive, impatient kid in me in a way that none of the other people do. When I open up my box of paints, it is like a child opening a chest full of toys. Which colors will beckon me? What component of my imagination will come out to perform? Which procedures can I break? What pearls of wisdom will be disclosed by way of experimentation? What new online games can I develop?

Acrylics are infinitely adaptable. In 2009 I became a certified Golden Paints Educator and an professional in the plethora of acrylic gels, pastes, mediums and textured grounds. Any creative generation one’s creativeness can concoct can be carried out in acrylics. Greatest matter is—all these acrylic figures engage in so nicely with each other. The playground is perfectly forgiving and nearly devoid of “rules.” Something goes. If you can assume it, you can do in acrylics.

Definitely, what’s not to like?

Patti Mollica (pattimollica.com) delights in portray the earth around her in a daring, self-confident style, with hues that are vibrant, energetic and modern day. Her do the job is recognized for its fearless use of color and expressive brushwork, when continue to blending a delicate equilibrium among impressionism, abstraction and realism. She has been commissioned by and is provided in the private collections of American Specific, Sheraton Motels, CBS & RCA Data and Penguin Push, among the other people. She’s also a Accredited Paints Educator for Golden Artist Shades and conducts workshops all over the U.S. Her get the job done is represented in quite a few galleries throughout the nation. Mollica is the writer of four textbooks: How to Paint Quick, Free & Bold Fashionable Acrylics Colour Principle and Acrylics—Getting Commenced. She is also featured in 3 educational portray DVDs: Value Methods Brushwork Methods and Colour Procedures, which are out there for invest in or absolutely free to view with membership at artistsnetwork.com.